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Blood Sacrifice

April 8, 2013

floor start


I’ve been sick for a few days, so instead of Guitars and Sunflowers, Part Two, or some big, rambly, philosophical post about creativity, I’m posting the photos I promised of (some of) the finished floor at the renovation job I’m on.  This is the flooring I am hoping to put in the Treehouse sometime this year.  (It’s going in, I’m just not sure when yet!)

My co-worker and I got this basement room done today:

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Guitars and Sunflowers, Part One

April 3, 2013

dodie and garywith Gary Mockford


I first picked up the guitar when I was fourteen.  It was this guitar.

No, actually, it was an acoustic guitar.  But I DID get this guitar when I was fourteen.  My mom bought it for me, from a co-worker who was getting married.  I thought this lady was mad to give up such a thing because she was getting married!  I think it had to do with money and travel, but at the time, I was chafed.

This is how I looked with it in the living room as a teenager:

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Coleus Roots and Crazypants Time

April 2, 2013

ivy and coleus


A friend just brought me these ivy cuttings tonight (in the white pitcher).  I can’t identify the variety, but it has strange curly leaves, like it went out and got a perm.

When I put the ivy in water to root, I finally checked on the coleus cuttings I took ten days ago.  I discovered they already have a zillion little centimetre-long roots:

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In the ‘Loops

April 1, 2013

two roads diverged

two roads diverged in a yellow wood


Kamloops comes from the Secwepemc (Shuswap) word “Tk’əmlúps.”  It means “meeting of the waters.”

This long weekend, I spent a lot of time riding.  I love hitting the trails in Overlander Park, at the meeting of the waters.  (This is why my wheels are bent.)  This is where the North and South Thompson rivers converge into the Thompson:

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Kali the Destroyer: Cereal Killer Version

March 30, 2013

Did you ever do something so absolutely wrong, so insanely stupid, that it actually shocks you into believing you dreamt the whole thing?  That secretly you’re convinced when you wake up in the morning, everything will be back to normal?

Yeah, this is what my laptop still looked like at 8:00 this morning:




Yesterday, while getting my PA system ready to take to a party, I dropped the PA head on my laptop.  Holy f***, yes I did.  It hit the screen AND the edge of the keyboard.

Panic and hand-wringing ensued as I shuffled – stunned – through every room in the Treehouse, wondering what the f*** I was going to do, and beating myself up for my clumsiness. Laughing bitterly, I remembered that it was only an hour or two ago that I’d written my post about the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.

“I AM Kali the Destroyer!” I shouted down the hallway.

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Kali the Destroyer

March 29, 2013

Destroying things, whether for paid work or for personal home and property renos, is just plain fun.  I always feel a little bit like Kali the Destroyer when I get to rip something apart with my hands, or tear it to pieces with crowbars and sledgehammers.



Kali, or Kali Ma, is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.  She reminds us of the cycle of all things:  for every beginning, there is an ending.  For every life, there will be a death in the end.  All things that are created can and will eventually be destroyed.

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Soul Sustenance

March 28, 2013

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Included!

I was looking through some of my older Treehouse photos this evening when I came across this one, with a vintage television of sorts in the background.  When I took this photo in 2005, I still had a television, and this was mine:




This gleaming wood TV cabinet belonged to my grandfather.  It came to me when he died.  (At the age of 92 – not from illness, but as the result of a car accident.  Grandad was made of strong stuff!)  In the 1960s, the entire cabinet WAS the television, a black and white model.  The cloth and metal grills on each side once hid speakers from view, and the screen was in the center.  (Better pics after the jump.)

As I’ve mentioned before, both of my grandfathers were carpenters. So when the old TV finally died, this Grandad used his skills to built up the center for holding a new (at the time) TV.

I’m starting to see this re-purposing trait I have might be genetic.

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