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Kali the Destroyer

March 29, 2013

Destroying things, whether for paid work or for personal home and property renos, is just plain fun.  I always feel a little bit like Kali the Destroyer when I get to rip something apart with my hands, or tear it to pieces with crowbars and sledgehammers.



Kali, or Kali Ma, is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.  She reminds us of the cycle of all things:  for every beginning, there is an ending.  For every life, there will be a death in the end.  All things that are created can and will eventually be destroyed.


paintPaint is like electricity – it always finds the ground.


But Kali also reminds us that all things are cyclical.  After destruction, we build again from the pieces we have left.  Some things – like floors, or poorly-executed drawings, or entire careers and relationships – must be torn up, in order for us to begin again and get it right this time.

With death comes new life – and whether we believe in an afterlife, or merely that our bodies will go on to fertilize new, growing things in the earth, this re-birth is part of the universal cycle of everything.


cut in


Even when the dark forces in our lives come along and reign destruction on everything that matters to us, we can and must build anew.  Our own inner creation force is what ultimately gives us the strength and skill to carry forward.

All things that are created will be destroyed.

All things that are destroyed make space for new creation.


I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous long weekend!  This is the perfect span of time to start tearing apart something in our homes and our lives, making way for all the newness that’s going to come in.


Dodie Goldney

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