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In the ‘Loops

April 1, 2013

two roads diverged

two roads diverged in a yellow wood


Kamloops comes from the Secwepemc (Shuswap) word “Tk’əmlúps.”  It means “meeting of the waters.”

This long weekend, I spent a lot of time riding.  I love hitting the trails in Overlander Park, at the meeting of the waters.  (This is why my wheels are bent.)  This is where the North and South Thompson rivers converge into the Thompson:


meeting of the waters


The beach and these dirt trails will be underwater before summer, from the snow pack run-off:


north thompson river overlander park


The Rivers Trail runs all through Kamloops, for those who prefer paving under their wheels and feet.  It’s not likely to get flooded like the dirt trails, but it has been known to happen.


Though most of the Trail is on the river banks, it does meet with regular roadways from time to time.  I caught this shot on part of the road “trail” over the weekend:


tranquille moon


I also fell in love over the weekend!  With a sofa.  It was in the reception area of the hall where we had a friend’s going away party:




If I’d had extra money, I would have asked the hall what they wanted for the set.  But I did have my camera with me.  I decided if I couldn’t take the set home, I could at least keep it in photographs.




No idea where I would put a new set of furniture.  It was just love at first sight.


I spent Saturday morning untangling cables from the disaster and the party the night before.




Cable-opolous is what I usually call nightmares like this.  Every musician ever’s life at 2 AM.


Now that I have my camera out all the time, I am always looking at things with a new eye.  That’s how I discovered I have a little problem with having too many cups on the go.  I documented my issue this weekend to prove it to myself:


cups problem


Not every photo will be a brilliant shot, but it never hurts to have your camera with you!  I see at least two drawings or paintings I could get out of this weekend’s adventures.

Happy creating!


Dodie Goldney

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