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Sunshine and Space Chickens

March 11, 2013

Thompson River


This is the view from the Treehouse balcony.  You can see why I’ve never left here, right?

The signs of spring are starting to appear here at the Treehouse.  That usually means two things are on the horizon for me:  outdoor gigs and gardening season!

It’s just about time to start seeds for the outdoors.  Last year, I got going very late and relied on cuttings and offshoots from friends’ gardens.  A few of those actually made it through the winter indoors, including some coleus and this little begonia, which I was delighted to discover beginning to bloom this morning:




This past Sunday, our regularly scheduled potluck included a couple of Space Chickens.  This is what my friends and I call grocery store-cooked rotisserie chickens.  (They really do appear to have arrived from outer space, nestled in their plastic bubbles.)  I asked our host if I could have the containers.  When several puzzled friends asked what for, I told them what I’d read about turning Space Chicken containers into little greenhouses.  I wish I’d thought of it sooner, to be honest, because I would have rescued a lot more of these for seed starting by now.


space chicken greenhouses


There are a few other signs of spring around here.  Now that biking weather is upon us, one of the signs is my annual longing for a bike lock up outside.  I suppose since my dining room is kind of like my back porch, I should just be able to live with parking my bike in there.  It IS cute and it has that funky wicker basket that kind of goes with the garden theme around here.  Still.  As much as I love my landlords (and I do love them), I do wish that bicycle parking got the same accommodation as car parking.


bike parking


Then there is that damned woodpecker.  This little guy is a Flicker.  Don’t get me wrong, I would never seriously wish him away or discourage him.  But he is VERY loud when he gets horny in the spring.  He likes to use this metal light shade in the yard to tap out his mating call.  And the earlier the sun comes up, the earlier he starts.




Regardless, the growing hours of sunshine and warmer weather are truly a blessing here at the Treehouse.  I believe we all think so, and I hope all of you who are in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying it, too!


george and marsha


Just a side note:  my mentor tells me Marshall amplifiers are often nicknamed “Marsha” by musicians on the road.  This is because with all the gear moving that happens, the double-Ls usually end up falling off.


Dodie Goldney

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