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Creative Tools

March 25, 2013

I can’t help myself from going a little nuts and riding this un-mountain bike on the trails around here sometimes.  Hence, both of the wheels on my bike are bent.  They need their spokes adjusted.  I looked at the instructions for truing wheels once, and decided I was not ready to tackle this myself.  However, not dealing with my wheels means the occasional Sunday afternoon brake adjustment.

bike repair


I saw this primary colour-schemed photo opportunity when a friend placed his toolbox on the ground beside my Raleigh.

I have never been too sure whether George is a housecat or a tiny panther.  Either way, he did enjoy his Sunday afternoon in this sunbeam, just like any cat would, big or small:


sunday sun


George stays ever-so-still when I have my camera out.  I am certain now that he is deliberately posing.




I spotted this broken down coffee table while heading to the store on Saturday. I prefer not to have a coffee table in the Treehouse living room, so I can move around my space more freely (especially when my guitar is strapped on).  But I decided to inspect this table anyway.


table top


While being completely destroyed and not all that high quality of a table, the top was solid wood.  I decided to rescue it and recycle the wood, sans legs.  The last one came off easily with a kick (particle board), confirming my suspicions it hadn’t ever been a good piece of furniture.

The top is very smooth and in good shape.  I thought about re-finishing it and using it as a desktop, but I’m not sure a desk is needed around here.  I DO need some drawing boards, so I may ask my circular saw-owning friend to help me slice the wood into 2 or 3 pieces.  I will update here when I figure it out.  😉




This was the sunset view from the Treehouse balcony on Saturday evening.  I saw the photo opportunity while dinner was in the oven.

I confess to Photoshopping a silver pick-up truck out of the bottom right-hand corner of this photo.


Sometimes we think we need to find extra time and space to explore our creative selves.  We put off doing what we love, using the excuse that we are too busy.  What we really need is to practice keeping our creative eyes and ears open, whatever we are doing – chores, shopping, or even fixing things.

We also need to remember to keep some tools with us, all the time!  Whether it’s a camera to document what we see, or a notebook to record our thoughts, maybe a tiny sketchbook for our visions – even remembering our phones to record some stray melodies.  All things are possible in the digital age.


cupsWhy do I always have so many cups on the go??


We need to live and be in the moment in order to be more creative.  Even in our own homes and daily lives, opportunities to document and create abound, if only we are aware of them.  And the tools and ability to capture our thoughts and visions, and to develop and expand them, are available to more people than ever before.

You are reading this on one of those tools.

Those tools need to be with us when we go out in the world, in our bags and pockets.  Their physical presence is a reminder to think more creatively.  We can pat our pockets reassuringly every once in awhile to keep us in the present: looking, observing, recording.

When the ideas are out of our heads and permanently documented, new creations can’t help but flow more easily.


I hope you had a creative weekend.  And if you didn’t, then go put some of your tools in your coat pocket!  It’s never too late to start being more creative.

Dodie Goldney

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